Sunday, January 4, 2015

LP: Custom Book Plates

LP = Little Project
Sizzling Sunday night...
My middle guy received several books for Christmas and finally settled in to start reading one of them to me on Friday evening.  He considers the book a legitimate "big kid" book ("Mom, can you believe I am reading a book about a fourth grader?") and is very proud of himself.  He even mentioned wanting to bring the book to school for silent reading time.  Wanting to build on his enthusiasm, I suggested we customize some book plates.

Avery makes a lot of labels in cool shapes now and has a website where you can customize them.  I use the labels and site all the time for personal and volunteer projects.  Both of my boys chose designs for book plates this afternoon, and we printed them out.  I used the Kraft paper labels, the same ones I used for Christmas gift tags, but I think the colors would have been more vivid with white labels.  Regardless, the boys were pleased.  This is about a ten minute project (maybe longer the first time you use the site or if you are indecisive).

I did a set for myself as well and stuck the first one inside Matt Haig's The Humans.  I can't remember when I first heard about The Humans, but I began following @matthaig1 on Twitter about a year ago.  I enjoy his tweets so much (and had enjoyed one of his earlier novels, The Radleys) that I ordered The Humans as a treat to myself.  I cracked the spine this morning and am intrigued so far.  Hoping for some cozy fireside reading time after I hit "Publish" on this post.

Disclaimer Two:  I bought the labels myself at Office Depot.  This post is not sponsored (but I'm open to such a post, Avery.  I really do use your labels all the time).

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  1. Love this idea! Once I get my act together I am going to do this with our books! :)