Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pillow Pride

The kiddos and I visited my hometown last week and had a chance to stop by Joseph-Beth, one of my favorite bookstores.  We did buy a few books -- Jedi Academy, El Deafo, and Brown Girl Dreaming -- and had to check out the cutesy, giftsy goods as well.  I spotted what I thought was a cool Ohio pillow on a high shelf.  Loved its vintage charm and got on my tippy toes to grab it only to discover it was a large tote bag stuffed with paper.  Good news because the tote bag was only $15.95, much less expensive than a gigantic pillow would have been.  I purchased it, cut off the handles, did some sloppy needle and velcro work, and borrowed the form of one of six very-ugly pillows that came with our family room furniture.  Voila!  I am pleased with my new pillow, sort of a poor man's version of the awesome and very expensive Cat Studio pillows I have been coveting for years.

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