Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monthly Credit(s) Report

Today is my inaugural Monthly Credit(s) Report wherein I disclose how I spent this month's audible.com credits.

June is National Audiobook Month so my timing on this new blog feature is perfect, NTB.  I'll post later this month about why, how, and when I listen to audiobooks, but, for now, I will just say that I love audiobooks and cannot imagine my life without them.

When spending my monthly credits, I used to try to maximize hours of listening.  This past year, I've shifted to selecting books that I think I'll enjoy the most, even if they're not as long.  Thanks to Audible's daily deals and creative sales, I almost never run out of listening material.

Here's how I spent my two monthly audible.com credits for June ... 
Easiest selection ever:  Elin Hilderbrand's Here's To Us.  I've mentioned before that I am an Elin Hilderbrand superfan.  Her books are great for listening and a true summertime treat for me.  I do own hardcovers of most of her books, and I know from experience that should I wish to, I can eventually get a hardcover of Here's To Us from my library book sale room for a dollar donation.

I'm almost finished listening to Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You (enjoying it more than I thought I would) and will start listening to Here's To Us tomorrow.

If I was less impatient, I might have spent my second credit on Emily Giffin's First Comes Love, but I didn't want to wait until 6/28.  Instead, I selected Nina Stibbe's Paradise Lodge.  I loved her letter collection Love, Nina (add to TBR list stat if you haven't read it) and enjoyed her quirky first novel Man at the HelmParadise Lodge is a sequel to Man at the Helm.  I'm sure I'll enjoy it, and I always love listening to books written and narrated by Brits.

Do you have audible.com monthly credits?  I'd love to hear your credit(s) report.

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