Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sweet Treats

Two treats that sweetened my weekend ...
My Goodreads friends (I'm booksandcarbs there if you're interested) already know that I've been on a Kristan Higgins kick.  I read If You Only Knew last year, enjoyed it, and then forgot all about it.  I bought All I Ever Wanted during an Audible sale, enjoyed it, and have since also read The Next Best Thing and Higgins' brand-new novel, On Second Thought.  These romances are well-written and truly funny.  They feature likable women who have interesting (often complicated) relationships with men and women (moms, friends, sisters, co-workers).  Picked up the library hold on Friday evening.  Finished the book by Saturday evening. 

I did my civic duty and bought some Girl Scout cookies this year.  Before I avoided most gluten, I used to savor my Samoas and Hoedowns.  This year, I bought Thin Mints and Samoas for the family and decided to give the new gluten-free Toffee-Tastics a whirl for mama.  Two thumbs up.  It's a substantial shortbread-type cookie with some chunks of toffee.  If I ever again have the time/patience for a cup of tea, a toffee-tastic would go, um, toffee-tastically, with it.

What sweetened your weekend?

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