Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Audible Monthly Credit(s) Report -- March

You know what is a lot easier and far less intimidating than writing a blog post every once in a blue moon?  Writing a blog post every day.  I'm going to try to get back into that habit as it's much more liberating.  When I wait so long between posts, there's too much pressure and everything I don't/won't blog about (for example, politics and world affairs) weighs me down and the whole endeavor feels pointless and petty.  When I blog every day, it's easier to remember that the point is to practice writing for writing's sake (and my own sake) and put a little something out there in the world. 

I'm stepping back up to the plate with a softball ... a backdated Audible Monthly Credit(s) report.  Here's how I spent my March audiobook credits...

Blue Sapphire by D.E. Stevenson -- I've been working my way through D.E. Stevenson's books (this Scottish scribe wrote many novels) for six years now.  I find them very soothing, particularly as listens.  They are old-fashioned and narrated with melodious Scottish and British accents.  Blue Sapphire is not the one to start with though.  It's all over the place (abandoned storyline about the mystical powers of a blue sapphire, hints at insider trading, glossing over of disturbing implications of mining) and hasn't aged as well as some of Stevenson's others.  Not my favorite.  If you're intrigued though?  Start with some of my favorites, like Miss Buncle's Book (and then its many sequels) or Listening Valley.  

The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso -- I was glad I listened to The Woman Next Door because I would not have been able to properly pronounce some of the names on my own.  At the same time, I wish I had read it in print as there's a lot to ponder with this one.  This novel is about female friendship, race, marriage, and the shadow of Apartheid.  No easy, happy endings here, but definitely hope.  Funnier than I expected, but parts are very serious and difficult to read.  I now have a soft spot for these two difficult neighbor women.

I haven't spent my April credits yet.  There have been some great sales and Deals of the Day so I'm well stocked with listening material.  Plus, I have my eye on a couple of books that release on 4/25. 

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