Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Audible Monthly Credit(s) Report -- December 2017

I easily found free library audiobooks throughout December and didn't end up spending my monthly credits until Christmas Day.

Finding Jojo Moyes' The Peacock Emporium felt like a Christmas miracle!  A Jojo Moyes' book I had never read or even heard about?!  Wow!  I was excited.  The past portion of the storyline was much more intriguing than the present portion.  Some nice moments and characters I really liked, but the main character was tough to root for or even to like.  Overall, this one was just okay. 

I'm sad to report that Andrew Sean Greer's Less was a bit underwhelming as well.  There were some very funny moments and the ending was super sweet, but Arthur's journey felt slow, and I was never  that excited to press play and learn more.  As above, this one was just okay.

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