Thursday, September 24, 2015

Snackshots -- September

September has not yielded as much time for snacking and relaxing as I had hoped.  The weather has been gorgeous, and my kiddos are settling nicely into the routines of the school year.  I started out strong, taking advantage of my longest-ever chunks of time to myself and doing things like cleaning out closets, taking walks, thinking clearly, and appreciating my life.  The reality of volunteer commitments, kids' extracurriculars, traveling husband, and on and on has now come crashing down.  I've got a good gig, and I know it.  I expect my days to be busy, of course I do.  But this week, I've felt overwhelmed by my to-do list, kind of as if a grayish cloud of ick is following me everywhere.

I need to do the hard work of rethinking my priorities, values, and commitments; deciding what I can and cannot do well; and how to best take care of my family and myself while also serving others.  

In the meantime, I'll grab five minutes when I can and treat myself as I always have, for better or worse, with a little snack and a cold Diet Coke.  Paired with a favorite cheese and some crackers, the American Spoon Red Pepper Relish is delicious.  Plus, its texture is more pureed than jellied, which makes it easier to spread.  I picked this up when my husband and I were at a wedding in Charlevoix, Michigan.  

I do indeed relish my life.  So punny.

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