Sunday, November 1, 2015

Welcome, November

October was a whirlwind.  Two (unheard of) trips out of town with my husband and the packing, planning, logistics, anxiety, and list-making necessary when leaving your kids for a few days (in the hands of beloved grandparents, but still, there are a lot of details to track).

A semi-stalled remodeling project that will be picking up steam very soon but for now has brought a layer of dust and the kind of disorder that comes with all transitions.  And did I mention piles of dirty laundry all over the house?  The end result is going to be beautiful, life-changing even, but it is easy to forget that when one has been 10 days without a washer & dryer.

Cub Scout popcorn sales.  If this phrase means nothing to you, count your blessings.

A variety of situations and conflicts in my community (of which I am aware but not necessarily a part) that have left me feeling tired and disheartened.

The guilt of feeling alternately stressed, annoyed, sad, tired, and/or resentful when I know (I really, really know) that my life is good. 

I'm happy October is over.

I decided to grab today's extra hour and step back up to the blogging plate to take some swings.  This month is about focusing on the things I can change--my attitudes, my outlook, my daily habits, my prayer practice--and seeking peace inside my heart and home.

I bought the print above (the artist is Emily McDowell) while on one of my October trips (I know, "poor me").  I'm going to frame it as a reminder to make November about gratitude.  My life doesn't suck.  It truly never has.  But, we all have those days when we are overwhelmed and anxiety-clenched by the feelings of too much and also not enough.  I had a lot of them last month.

This month is about saying "thank you," counting blessings, focusing on the good, being purposeful, and listening more than talking.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be about writing too.  Almost every year I consider making a NaBloPoMo run.  Here's day one.  

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  1. "If this phrase means nothing to you, count your blessings." Loved this line. Sorry your October had its crappy moments, but a new month is a perfect time for a fresh start. I love Emily McDowell greeting cards, btw. I've ordered some online before. Cute messages that aren't as generic as a lot of cards.