Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ask and you shall receive

We have a trumpet player in the beginner band.  There's a big winter concert coming up in which the beginner musicians from all the Catholic schools in the area will join forces to perform "Hot Cross Buns," "Jingle Bells," and other signature pieces.  The practice for this event was late afternoon at a school in a neighboring town.

Most of the Fall, I've been operating on a "one day at at time" system, seldom looking too far forward, unless aware of specific conflicts or complicated logistics that will need troubleshooting.  That's worked out okay, except that it makes it difficult to ask for help because by the time I focus on what needs to happen or be done, it's nearing too late to seek assistance. 

My friend happened to look just a bit further ahead and asked yesterday if I could drive to band practice, and she'd drive home.  Perfect.  When I picked up her daughter to head to practice, she thanked me for saving her three trips to the neighboring town.  Now she'd only need to drop off her son (intermediate band), pick up our beginners, and then drive back for him later.  "You have over an hour," I said.  "Offer to give another intermediate band member a ride there in exchange for a ride home."  She thanked me for the "marching orders" and ultimately ended up with one trip to band practice instead of three.   

I know this story is boring, but it is a nice little reminder to take the time to ask.  What was a perfectly pleasant evening around here might have been miserable had I driven to and from band practice with the other two kids along for the ride. 

The bonus was that I actually enjoyed the drive.  The kids were all talking about the antics of their elves in a really cute way.  The city of Addison has some gorgeous Christmas lights going on, and the Big Guy delivered with an amazing sunset.  Fountain Diet Coke for me on the way home.

Life is good.


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