Monday, April 25, 2016

How can I keep from springing?

A little round-up of the books, finds, and treats putting a spring in my step this month.

I finally had time to sit outside and read yesterday and finished Lisa Beazley's Keep Me Posted.  It's a breezy read about motherhood, marriage, and sisterhood.  I was frustrated with the main character early on, but I did enjoy watching her navigate those tough years as a mom of young children when you're trying to figure out how to be your self and a mom as well.  The phrase "keep me posted" is one that my mom and sisters and I use often (by phone and text, not letter), which predisposed me to like this novel.  The blogging success storyline was appealing to me as well, which my 5-10 readers will understand.

I am just a few pages into Julie Buxbaum's Tell Me Three Things, but I can tell I am going to love it.

Note the flowers in the photo above.  Much to the frustration of my husband, I save large glass jars from spaghetti sauce and the like.  I needed to come up with some centerpieces yesterday.  Cute paper from my stash wrapped around an old jar filled with grocery store flowers (bunches are 3/$12) yielded pretty cute results for minimal effort.  Sometimes hoarding pays off.

And speaking of flowers, I have been enjoying these beauties from Trader Joe's.  That's a lot of spring happiness for $3.99.
Dollar Tree has really upped their spring game this season.  How fun and vintage-y are these treat bags and napkins?  I have no immediate plans for them, but I couldn't resist.
I used the phrase "spring in my step" above.  These flats are a dream.  They are SO comfortable.  I found them at Kohl's (brand is A2 by Aerosoles) for $39.99 minus whatever multiple discounts you should be getting with coupons, etc.  I chose the silver because it was the only pair (other than pink) available in the store in my size (nine).  After two days of wearing the silver shoes, I got online and tried to order more colors.  Most are sold out in my size, but I was able to get some black ones and some gold ones.  I love the slightly-squared toe and fancy it gives the shoes a sort of European look.  But what do I know about fashion?  Not much.  Your feet will thank you for buying these though.

What's got you springing this spring?

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