Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dollar Store DuJour

My son needed some poster board for a school project, and I used that as an excuse to head to Dollar Tree.  I won't bore you with details of all that I purchased (though if someone else wrote such a post, I would read it because I am curious about that kind of thing), except to say that I spent less than twenty dollars and really enjoyed it. 

I will offer the public service announcement that sometimes you can find good books at Dollar Tree.  Don't assume they are all crap.

Today, I found Sunset's Essential Western Cookbook, which looks to be a Costco remainder.  I've never subscribed to Sunset, and I think the magazine recently ended its run, but I know it was like Southern Living but for the West Coast.  The tacos on the front look delicious, and I think I'll enjoy looking through the cookbook and maybe even trying a recipe.  If not?  I'm only out a dollar, and I can put the book in my Amvets box or pass it on to a friend.

I also got a cute, fat paperback that includes two novels about Spy Mom.  I had never heard of Spy Mom, but the reviews on GoodReads and Amazon are strong.  Of course, it hasn't been reviewed by thousands or anything, and I guess there's always a chance all the positive reviews are from friends of the author.  But again, maybe I'll really like it.  If not, I can always pass it along. 

The little bunch of roses was not from Dollar Tree, but from Mariano's -- a $5 bright spot on a gloomy January Monday.  The adorable chevron burlap ribbon on my vase/pitcher?  You guessed it.  Dollar Tree, baby!

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