Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sweethearts, Redeemed

Elsewhere and several years ago, I wrote about my disappointment with the changes to the Sweethearts brand conversation hearts.  Their product had always been my favorite Valentine's treat.  I loved the flavors and the satisfying crunch of the Sweethearts conversation hearts (you're not actually going to crack a tooth, but there's a sort of edgy pleasure to the bite) UNTIL they innovated with some new flavors (and colors--garish blue) that did not appeal to me at all.  I felt betrayed. 

Since then, I have boycotted Sweethearts brand and made do with the unoffensive flavor but inferior texture of the Brach's brand conversation hearts.

Imagine my delight when I spotted the 150th Anniversary "Classic Edition" bag of Sweethearts at Walgreens.  They went immediately into my basket and were tested as soon as my daughter and I got in to the Odyssey.  The same deliciously crunchy conversation hearts you may fondly remember from your childhood are back. 

I wish I could report on whether the messages on the hearts are vintage, contemporary, or a mix, but I haven't read a single heart.  Just crunched.  Sort of a one-sided conversation, but I heart that sometimes.

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