Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Soundtrack: The Odyssey Years

Back when the sun was shining, I wrote about the songs we've listened to in our minivan for the past few summers.  The Winter Soundtrack edition will not be as comprehensive as the Summer Soundtrack one, but I feel the need to record it for posterity.

Winter Soundtrack:  The Odyssey Years
2013-14:  Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) -- just like every other family in America.  Our favorites were "Love Is An Open Door," "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People," "Fixer Upper," and, duh, "Let It Go."  I still remember driving an Odyssey full of Cub Scouts to a Home Depot field trip and realizing that every second grade boy in the van knew every word of every Frozen song.

2014-2015:  That's Christmas to Me by Pentatonix.  I ordered this CD after my Facebook feed filled up with links to the "Mary, Did You Know?" video.  I still love their version of that song, but the one that stole my heart and kept us (at least me) listening even after Christmas was over was the title track, "That's Christmas to Me." 

2015-2016:  We have two winners for this winter.  The first is Adele's 25.  When my husband saw the CD, he started cracking up, mentioning some article about how Adele hasn't released her music for streaming because her fans are in a demographic of women who have not grasped that technology yet (or something like that).  Nailed it.  Our favorite tracks are "Hello," "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," and "When We Were Young."  When I say we, I mean the entire family.  I think my in-laws were frightened when they rode with us to a family Christmas celebration.

Second winner is Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles.  After the recent passing of Glenn Frey, I felt a need and obligation to introduce my kids to the music of The Eagles.  For the life of me, I can't find the first volume of my Eagles Greatest Hits CD so I settled for Common Thread, an album where various country artists (whom I loved in the 90s) cover Eagles songs.  Favorite tracks are "Lyin' Eyes," "New Kid in Town," and "Best of My Love."  For you country fans, that's Diamond Rio, Trisha Yearwood, and Brooks and Dunn.  Solid.

What's playing in your van? 

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  1. My girls love Adele, too, and really belt it out! I pretty much refuse to give up music selection in my van, as music is a source of so much joy for me (although I'll maybe give in and let everyone pick one song on a long trip). Fortunately, my kids have grown to love my music and listen to it in their rooms now. My oldest gets in the car and asks to be "Bluetooth DJ" which she enjoys---she just knows to choose from my bands. Your Eagles exposure reminded me of my brief/failed attempt to introduce my kids to David Bowie after his death. It was not well received.