Sunday, May 29, 2016

Decorative Tape Notecards

I am not good about buying the greeting cards I need in a timely fashion.*  I learned a few years ago that the best way to be ready with beautiful cards when I need them is to make them myself.  I buy blank notecards in bulk at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  I continually add to my collection of washi tape and decorative masking tape when I visit office superstores, the Target dollar bins, and craft stores.  I have a decent collection of stamps as well, but I'm usually satisfied with the final product before I need to employ any stamps.  With the supplies at hand, I can make a card in less time than it takes me to drive to the Walgreens that is less than a mile from my house.

The cards pictured above are from the first wave of teacher end-of-year thank yous.  Take a blank card, layer several strips of cool tape, and cut off the excess on the sides.  Voila!

End-of-year teacher gifts are a whole other discussion and Pinterest makes it seem as if you need to do something super cute and clever.  I don't.  I usually go with gift cards, but as a former teacher, I know I appreciated any gesture of appreciation, any way that parents and students took five extra minutes to acknowledge that I was good or even okay.  I do my best to write a thoughtful note of thanks to each teacher and to have my kids write inside the thank you cards as well. 

I enjoy projects and crafting.  I enjoy making my own cards.  Not everybody does.  A thoughtful note on a pre-printed card or a piece of looseleaf is also worth writing.  If you're "not crafty" or detest little projects, don't apologize for that.

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