Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flowers from Jewel

It's 81 degrees today.  Glory, glory!  Spring took its good sweet time springing though.  Back in March, I started treating myself to fresh flowers.  Life's little pleasures and all that.  At Jewel, my grocery store, you can buy "market blooms" at the bargain price of 3 bunches for $12.  If it's just for my family, I choose three varieties.  If I'm providing decorations elsewhere, I'll spring for six bunches and more variety.

I'm not a professional (not even a little) and don't even know the names of most of the flowers.  Nevertheless, I've learned through trial and error which blooms last the longest and do the best I can with what's available.  It's been fun to choose and arrange the flowers the past few months. 
An early effort for my daughter's sixth birthday party.  And, how about my beautiful spring tablecloth from Kohl's?

I've shared this photo before.  Spaghetti sauce jar, scrapbook paper, and grocery store flowers.  Two solid reads to keep the flowers company.  Start with Julie Buxbaum's Tell Me Three Things.  Great YA novel.

Not a great angle, but this is one of the bouquets I made to decorate when we had guests during my son's First Communion weekend.  He loves green and bold colors!  If only I could find a non-ugly neutral tablecloth.

Some of the First Communion flowers kept kicking.  I consolidated the non-frail ones and think the stragglers looked pretty good together.  #filter  I've mentioned this on the blog before, but that chevron-printed burlap ribbon is from Dollar Tree. 

One of the centerpieces from last week's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner.  Old jar wrapped in scout gift paper with gold washi tape accents.  This bouquet is actually the least attractive of the lot (I sent the others home with den leaders and volunteers), but it's still pretty cute.  Only took a fraction of the gift wrap roll to cover ten jars.  I have enough for many more Blue and Gold Dinners, but let's pray that I won't be planning too many more.

 My "just because" flowers.  Ten days in on these babies. 

Can't forget the flowers in my specialty Diet Coke bottles.  I bought these bottles over spring break and have changed out their blooms many times since.

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