Thursday, July 14, 2016

Audible Monthly Credit(s) Report -- July

Last month, I shared my first-ever Audible Monthly Credit(s) Report.

For those of you not familiar with the audiobook world, is the biggest and best site for purchasing and downloading audiobooks.  I have a subscription, and choosing how to spend my two audible credits is one of the monthly rituals I treasure.

Here are my selections for July...

Emily Giffin had written four novels before I ever read one of hers.  Something about the covers of her books turned me off, and I avoided them.  A reader I trust told me I'd enjoy them so I finally gave them a try.  I inhaled Something Borrowed and Something Blue, reading both on an ipod touch while I was nursing one of my babies.  I've been a fan ever since.  I've heard positive buzz about her latest, First Comes Love, and I'll enjoy listening to it.  In honor of this novel, about sisters, Giffin put together a list of her favorite books about sisters.  I had read three of the five books she mentioned on the list and heartily endorse Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, Curtis Sittenfeld's Sisterland, and Elinor Lipman's The View from Penthouse B.  

My other credit went to Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty by Ramona Ausubel.  I can't resist the title and this book was given a positive review by a blogger I trust.  A rags-to-riches story is always good, but its inverse ... even more intriguing.  I just read Christina McDowell's memoir, After Perfect, so I am in the mood to read more about how people (real or fictional) react when their ease and plenty disappear.

Any good listens for you this summer?

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