Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Something's "Fishy" Gallery Wall

I'm overwhelmed by all the books I am not writing about so I'm offering a different kind of post.

I love a lil project.  And, as you might know, if I like it then I'm going to put a frame on it.  Both of my boys have aquariums in their bedrooms.  Last year (when aquarium enthusiasm was at fever pitch*), my oldest son spent some of his own money buying fish art (mostly in notecard/greeting card form) at Art in the Park, our town's springtime art fair. 

I promised that I would frame these fish images for him.  And for over a year, I neglected to do so. 

I did, however, add to his store of images without him noticing.  The kids and I journeyed to IKEA last month, and I finally purchased the frames.  Last week, I got to work framing up the fish images that we had collected. 

I snuck into his room and arranged the frames and then waited for him to notice.  The surprise was genuine.  He was thrilled and very appreciative. 

Here are some pics ...
Here's the BEFORE.  Two white IKEA ledge shelves, curated by a kindergartener and only slightly modified over the past five years.
Here's the fabulously fishy AFTER.  All of the frames used were purchased very inexpensively at IKEA.  I have the tools to cut mats, but I didn't do that here, just added cardstock behind images when needed.

I'll share close-ups of a few frames.
These koi swam off Paper Source calendars that I purchased late last summer for 75% off.  I don't have a spot for paper calendars in my home so I don't buy these gorgeous calendars at the start of the new year.  I am always looking to buy them for frame fodder when they are marked down.  The fish with the lily pads came from a clearance calendar purchased at my favorite gift shop (Uptown Shop, Elmhurst).

Paper Source also sells individual sheets of pretty paper.  I used the anchor paper to fill two frames and to back one of my fish prints.  The sheet of paper was less than five bucks, and I didn't even use half of it.

At the same vintage-eclectic store where I found the Nantucket print I love (Gather & Collect in Glen Ellyn), there were files of pages cut out of old illustrated books.  I snagged two of the fish pages for our collection.

The rest of the fish images are all ones that my son purchased at the art fair.  I can figure out the artists' names if something catches your eye (hopefully, not a hook -- so punny).

And there you have it, a fish-themed gallery wall that was fourteen months in the making but really only took a couple hours to execute (not counting time spent at IKEA).

There are several other themed gallery walls in my home, and I'd like to share them all eventually.  I'm ready to do one for my middle guy once he suggests a theme. 

Any lil projects going on at your house? 

*During initial frenzy of fish ownership there were water samples being collected, many trips to fish store, notes made, research completed, and tears over deceased fish.  Fish are still much beloved around here but caring for them and adding to their number now less of an obsession.

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