Saturday, November 14, 2015

Put a Frame On It

When you are posting every day of the month, they can't all be gems.

I've been a framing fool the past few days.  Here's just a sampling.

No.1 -- Two favorite illustrations (from the vintage Big New School book purchased at the Batavia Library Book Sale) arranged side by side in a frame purchased from Kohl's (for free/almost free with discounts, rewards, etc.)

No.2 -- Some clever gal before me had framed a calendar page.  I bought the frame she left at Goodwill and popped in a beautiful greeting card.

No.3 -- Flamenco Dancing is not a passion of mine (though I do think Sarah Bird's The Flamenco Academy is a fantastic novel), but I liked the frame.  I popped in the Emily McDowell print I bought in California.

You may be wondering, "Where does this woman hang all this random crap?"  Big reveal on this later, but I have a little room we call the "Mom Cave."  It is between the master bathroom and the closet. It is very hot in the summer and quite chilly in the winter, but it's all mine in terms of decor.  I have been slowly collecting and hanging a gallery wall in the mom cave, an endeavor that gives me tons of pleasure and satisfaction.  Cheap thrills, if you will.

If you like it, then you oughta put a frame on it.
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