Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Audible Monthly Credit(s) Report -- October 2017

I had a false start with my October audiobook credits.

I began with Jennifer E. Smith's Windfall, a YA novel wherein girl buys lottery ticket for boy who is her friend who she also is in love with, tickets pays out big, and girl and boy have lots to figure out.  It was set in Chicago, but the book didn't really feel Chicago to me.  It was a sweet story but not completely satisfying in its answers to the tough/cool questions it didn't quite pose. 

Kimberley Tait's Sweet Plastic Love might be fantastic, but five minutes in, I pressed stop and took advantage of Audible's generous return policy.  I may try to read the print or ebook edition at some point, but the narrator was not a good match for me so no listening to Sweet Plastic Love.  In the case of narrator mismatch, I find it best to abandon ship early. 

With the credit credited to my account for the above, I purchased Susan Rieger's The Heirs, an audiobook that exceeded my expectations.  Rieger structures this book so creatively.  Moving between past and present and among various family members and outliers, Rieger lets the story unfold slowly and expertly.  Very interesting characters and questions.  Pretty much loved it.

I'm already starting to think about how to spend my November credits, which will roll my way on the 12th. 

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