Sunday, November 5, 2017

Spindrift away ...

I've made significant cuts to my Diet Coke consumption since July.  I am no longer purchasing cans of Diet Coke for my home refrigerator* and have thus eliminated 3-5 cans a day from my daily intake.  I am still allowing myself 1-2 Diet Cokes per day, mostly fountain drinks.  I'm nowhere close to giving it up (the very thought makes me feel unsteady), but I'm drinking less and savoring more.

Before you ask ... yes, I am drinking more water.  I am also seeking out low calorie beverages without artificial sweeteners.  There are a few flavors of LaCroix that I don't mind so that's entered the rotation.

Then, Modern Mrs. Darcy mentioned Spindrift a couple months ago, and I decided to track some down.  I found the four varieties featured above at Trader Joe's.  Blackberry was the best, followed by Orange Mango, followed by Lemon and Raspberry Lime (those two tie).  The fruit flavor is very vibrant, but I would appreciate just a bit more fizz.  All in all though, it's a decent, pleasant beverage even if it doesn't fill the Diet Coke-sized hole in my heart.

Here's the song I'm singing.
Give me a beat, boy, to free my soul, I sorta feel lost without my Diet Coke so I'll SpinDRIFT away.  

Any beverages to recommend?  

*The only exception to this rule is hospitality.  I am not going to invite people into my home without being able to offer Diet Coke.

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