Friday, November 10, 2017

End of an Era: DVD Days

 My boys and I were at Target this evening and this holiday DVD display gave me pause.

I think the only DVD I purchased in semi-recent memory was Bridget Jones's Baby.  When I finally treated myself to an at-home second viewing (saw it in the theater and loved it), I ended up streaming it via Netflix.  Pretty typical.

Quick rehearsal of the reasons I rarely buy DVDs these days ... abundance of available programming to access via Cable and streaming services, not much time to watch tv/movies, too tired/distracted to commit to entire movie, DVD player not hooked up to upstairs TV and tech guy always out of town when I think of watching a movie, and many DVDs available at local library.

Another reason for the taper in DVD-buying is the one the Target kiosk kicked me in the gut with:  our kids are growing up.  In the old days, a trip to Target would often include a search for a $5.00 DVD gem or a coveted new release -- maybe something special for a holiday or a road trip or a naptime treat for the no-longer-napping big brother.  I have a vivid memory of hitting the road for our Thanksgiving travels and feeling ecstatically happy when teeing up a DVD of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, a special I thought I remembered from my own childhood.  

Our kids are growing into smart, sweet, funny, interesting people so that's all great.  They can masterfully access shows and movies on our television/devices and rarely need my "tech savvy" or recommendations.  I know we'll still stream some of our favorite Christmas specials this holiday season.  We'll continue to have movie nights.  They still, knock on wood, love to spend time with us.  But it's not likely that I'll be popping in a new DVD of Arthur's Perfect Christmas and cuddling on the couch with three little ones freshly bathed, lotioned, and clad in footie pajamas.  That leaves a lump in my throat.   

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