Thursday, September 29, 2016

Finally Fall

I sweated through my shirt as recently as Sunday afternoon whilst watching a fifth/sixth grade morning football game, but am happy to report that I've since been able to wear my new hoodie/cardi combo every day this week.  Fall seems to be here ... finally.

Here are some autumnal snapshots...
These fall-colored flowers were a hopeful gesture back in early September.  Whadya think of my fancy new vase from a clearance end cap at Target?

Yes, I love my grocery store flowers in fall colors.  And my oilcloth tablecloth, which is especially great in Fall (even though I use it throughout the year).

You can't have Fall without some Friday Night Lights or, in this case, Friday KNIGHT Lights.  My son plays on this field on Sunday afternoons, but I snapped this pic at a Friday night high school game.
I'm no gardener, but I usually manage to fill two pots for my porch.  This summer, I never got around to it.  I redeemed myself, I think, by putting together this little pot of autumnal delight (plus, its twin on other side of porch).  The kale, mums, and pink things were all purchased from a boutique nursery called Jewel-Osco.

When it comes to pumpkin spicery, I'm neither obsessed nor intolerant.  I am always up for testing a new KIND bar though so took a chance on this "limited batch."  I quite enjoyed the Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice bar.  However, as with many KIND products, I'd love it if they included some more salt on the nuts as I really love the salty-sweet flavor sensation.

Don't hold your breath for apple picking or pumpkin patch photos. 

For now, that's all for Fall. 

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