Monday, September 5, 2016

Washi Woman

Just scrolled through the pics on my phone and gathered a collection of washi tape craft creation photos.  Featured above is the ye olde washi tape basket.  I find my tape at office stores, craft stores, Target, CVS, pretty much everywhere.  Some is actual "washi" tape and some is decorative masking tape. 

I can't take credit for this idea because I saw it on Pinterest a couple years ago.  The absolute best thing I have ever done with washi tape is wrap my chargers.  They are always disappearing around the house, and the tape helps me righteously reclaim them.  If you're ever on a group vacation, the tape also helps you keep track of your charger in situations where there may be many around.  I'm thinking of rewrapping the one on the far left -- a little too Real Housewives of New Jersey right now.

The great thing about ordering the school supply kit is how easy it is, but my kids are supposed to more or less bring all the loot to school.  So, yes, I purchased several dozen pencils for each kid, but they're all somewhere at school, not necessarily in their backpacks.  All last school year during homework time, I'd find myself thinking, "Why the hell don't we have any pencils around here?"  So this year, I bought several packages of pre-sharpened pencils (you know, in addition to the dozens included in the supply kit) and put some of them in this jar that I decked out in washi tape.  It's in the middle of the kitchen table (aka Homework Central -- actually, no one calls it that).  Not much homework yet, but we're ready.  The cursive handwriting tape is from the Target dollar bins.

I've posted before about how I like to decorate cards with washi tape.  Here's a card for a special five-year old boy.  The number line washi tape is also from the Target dollar bins.

Whenever I post about a lil project or anything crafty, I like to include the disclaimer that I do these projects because I enjoy them.  I get it that many people do not enjoy lil projects or are craft-averse or feel shame or perhaps pride about "not being crafty."  We all do what we do and like what we like. 

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