Saturday, September 17, 2016

LFL Spotting in La Grange

I made my first trip to the scout store for the new school year.  I'm destined to be there at least six more times over the course of the year, and I won't begin to bore or bum you out by describing my scouting responsibilities.  Luckily, the scout store is a short, relaxing drive away in the adorable town of La Grange.  I usually treat myself to a visit to nearby Trader Joe's afterward.  Today I discovered another bright spot near the scout store:  a Little Free Library.  
Books Are A Garden of Knowledge.   This LFL is simple, attractive, and conveniently located steps from the train station in La Grange.  I didn't photograph the back, but the LFL is securely bracketed to a lamp post.  Contrasting the LFL I spotted on Hilton Head, there was no "Take a Book, Return a Book" signage on this LFL. 
As I was about to get back into my van with 35 Pinewood Derby car kits and not about to catch a train where I might sit and read, I didn't borrow from this La Grange LFL.  I did pause to consider what book I'd choose if I were in need.  My recent (and late to the party) obsession with the Hamilton musical made me pause and think about Igniting the American Revolution, a title I usually would have skimmed right over.  I noted that the books with Secrets in the titles looked a bit racy ... not really my thing.  Were I in need of a read, I would have chosen Bonjour Kale, a memoir/food writing title about an American in Paris, which I read about somewhere.  Worth noting that Bonjour Kale and Igniting the American Revolution are both Advance Reader Copies. I've heard book people talking about how those copies really shouldn't be sold so maybe LFLs are a good spot for them?   

Finally, speaking of Little Free Libraries, check out what happened next to one of the tiny libraries that my cousin built in her Brooklyn neighborhood ...

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