Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tree of Treasures

I'll save my November NaBloPoMo wrap-up for another day.  Here's a sneak preview for December here at Books and Carbs.  I found Bonnie Mackay's Tree of Treasures on a new release kiosk at the library.  It's the perfect library book, not something I need to own, but something I am so glad to have read.  Mackay owns many, many ornaments and has been in the ornament business for much of her professional career.  

The book pairs photos of some of her favorite ornaments with stories about their origin and significance.  As her subtitle promises, it's "a life in ornaments."

I want to write about some of my favorite ornaments this month (not every day, I promise).  Mackay's book made me think of how cool it would be for adult children to photograph and write about some of their favorite ornaments for a family ornament book that could be given to parents as a keepsake gift.  Maybe I'll take some pics of my parents' tree when we're home for Christmas and recruit some writers of all ages.   

What if I could get my kids to write about one ornament each year starting NOW and collect the photos and write-ups in an album?  Am I getting carried away?  We'll see.

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