Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Fair Find

It's Book Fair time!  I've worked at the fair during the after-school shift for the past two days, and it's fun to see parents and kids excitedly shopping for books (and decoder pens, monster erasers, big finger pointers, and all the other piddly sh*t that gets the kids to part with their money). 

I neglected to take a photo of our new $3.99 pens nor of the Paw Wars poster that my oldest spent $4.95 on.  Just picture two squirrels having a lightsaber battle and ponder what wall real estate you'd offer that gem.

I think my middle guy had the most interesting find:  Suzette Valle's 101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up: Be Your Own Movie Critic -- The Must-See Movie List for Kids.  

Finding a crowd-pleasing film for family movie nights can be challenging, and I'm eager to read through this book in more depth.  It seems the movies range from G to PG-13, and there's helpful background information provided for each movie.  There's also a spot for your child to rate the movie, record the date they watched it, and note who they were with when watching. 

Possible gift idea, I'm thinking.  Paired with a box or two of movie candy, popcorn, a copy of one of the DVDs listed, a Netflix or theater gift card, or a cozy blanket?

Since we had a babysitter tonight for a couple hours while I attended a meeting, I asked my middle guy to show her the book.  They ended up going through it together.  She put post-its on the movies she considered "must-see" and wrote helpful notes like "maybe when you're older" and "*****."  Her five-star picks were A League of Their Own and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which probably falls in the "maybe when you're older" category as well).

I'll circle back to this book after we make some movie choices.  For now, put it on your radar if you have school-age kids.


  1. Hope you and your middle guy are enjoying the book. Definitely one to grow up with! Happy Holidays to you and your family :)Suzette

  2. Hi Suzette -- So glad you found this post! Thanks for such a fun and family-oriented book! Best wishes for 2017!