Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Library Sale Room Finds ... with a sticky twist

One of my favorite rituals is buying books in our library's book sale room and then removing the plastic covers and stickers at home.

Here are my recent treasures from the library book sale room.  Suggested donation per book is $1 -- quite a bargain!
American Housewife -- love the cover, nice to mix things up with a story collection sometimes

The After Party -- 1950s Texas Socialities ... I'm intrigued.

A Country Road, A Tree -- adored Jo Baker's Longbourn, maybe this one will be as lovely

The Girl from Summer Hill -- Jude Deveraux is a blast from my teenage days reading romance novels, this one on my radar because it plays on my beloved Pride and Prejudice
Here's to Us -- listened to this one on audio, will share this hard copy with my mother-in-law 

First Comes Love -- same as above, listened to the audio, will share the book with others

Who Moved My Blackberry?  -- might be funny

Vinegar Girl -- love Anne Tyler, enjoy Taming of the Shrew updates

Here's the sticky twist my blog post title promised ...
Sometimes it's tricky to remove the library sticker on the spine of the book.  I love customizing Avery labels so I designed these square beauties to cover spots where stickers stayed sticking or their removal wreaked havoc. 
I'm pleased with the result.

When will I have time to read all of these new books?  
That's not a question we ask, especially not aloud when my hubby's in the room.

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