Saturday, November 5, 2016

Smashing Pumpkins (Sort Of)

 30 posts in 30 days ...

And speaking of good intentions, I followed through on one of mine this morning.  I saw on Facebook earlier in the week that our town was offering free pumpkin composting.  I can't say what we've done with our rotten pumpkins for every Halloween up to this point (thrown in the trash, I guess), but this year, I gathered them in the van for composting.

I drove to a public works facility and opened the trunk.  Some boys who looked about 15 or 16 delightedly took the pumpkins from my trunk and took turns tossing them into a large dumpster with other pumpkins.
A very nice lady was kind enough to let me take a pic of the anticipated final product.  Again, so as not to be a total creep, I did not photograph the teen boys hurling the pumpkins.

Stay tuned for more posts as exciting as this one.

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