Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall La La La La

I shared some fall spirit photos several weeks ago, but I forgot a few...
I'm obsessed with the Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products because they smell so dang good and look cute around the house.  Mrs. M is killing it this Fall.  The Apple Cider scent is bright, spicy, apple-y, just divine.  And the Mum scent?  My mother-in-law suggested I could actually wear it as a perfume.  That's how good it smells.  Don't ask questions if you see me with my multi-surface Mum spray before a night out.  I have seen these limited edition scents at Target and online from Grove Collaborative (formerly EPantry).  Perfect hostess gifts.  Holiday scents are probably out or arriving soon, but I've been staying out of Target like a good girl so I wouldn't know.

My middle guy was whining about how everyone else goes to a pumpkin patch and why don't we.  We had a five-day weekend around Columbus Day, and though I didn't have it in me to visit a pumpkin patch, we managed an outing to a lovely local garden center.  Who needs a corn maze or apple cider donut when your mom is all, "You can each pick a couple of strange-looking gourds or mini pumpkins.  Go wild."  See, I'm fun.  Gourds are displayed on my square Nora Fleming with acorn mini attached.  Not familiar with Nora Fleming?  Great gift idea for a friend who loves hosting and decorating!

Here's a little Fall vignette I put together near our garage.  The first year we lived in this house, I went wild with mums on the front porch.  When the cold weather came, I was going to toss them, but my mom encouraged me to re-plant.  I replanted the red ones, and they come back every Fall now and look so great.  Mind you, they look like boring-bordering-on-weedlike for 80% of the year, but for two months, they do shine!  Maybe I'll replant this year's mums near the back of the house where I don't have much going on.  Please note the cute green pumpkin which was my middle guy's chosen treasure at the garden center (fake pumpkin patch).  If I were to update this photo, you'd see the orange pumpkin decimated by squirrels (or worse?) and covered with flies.  I'm thinking you've seen similar in your own yard though so I'll spare you.

I'll close with a special announcement for my tens (?) of readers.  I'll be making my yearly November effort to post daily as part of National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo).  The quality of these daily posts is uneven, but I like the challenge of writing every day and actually find it fun and liberating.  Visit again soon!

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