Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another LFL Sighting

I was in LaGrange visiting Ye Olde Scout Shoppe again a couple of weeks back.  As I was heading home, I noticed a second Little Free Library in LaGrange, about four blocks from the first LFL I spotted in LaGrange.  

As ever, I paused to consider which book I would borrow were I in needed.  I think I'd choose Teacher Man by Frank McCourt, even though I never finished Angela's Ashes.  Or maybe Dora's Spooky Halloween if it didn't sound so darn scary...

I'm tempted to visit the three LFLs in my zip code (you can check the LFL Map to see what's in your hood), but I've decided that I like the idea of happening upon LFLs instead of purposely seeking them out.  I may change my mind though.

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