Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Lifesavers

Inspired by Modern Mrs. Darcy, I'm sharing my first ever list of Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now.  

Towards the end of Christmas break each year, after I've enjoyed two weeks WITHOUT the daily grind of lunch packing, homework supervision, and high pressure laundry (school uniforms aren't "easy" unless they're clean) and WITH time to read novels, sleep in a bit later, and hang out and enjoy my family without a schedule ... after these two weeks, I look forward to winter's remainder with visions of warm, cozy light and time to rest and catch my breath.
The Winter Ideal
There is plenty of cozy in my winter, but it's paired with a whole lot of busy.  That's our stage of life with school-age kids who play sports, takes art classes, do Scouts, etc.  Plus, it seems I can't stay away from our school's major fundraiser, which takes up large chunks of time in January and February and sometimes causes a bit of stress, especially this past week as we pushed against a deadline.  In the pause before the next phase of my work for this event, I'm glad to ponder what's saving my life right now.

1.  My iPod.  I'm on my third (in 11 years) little green ipod.  It's my constant companion during household chores, longer car trips (one ear bud in only if I'm driving), and walks.  I love audiobooks and would give up television or my smartphone before I'd give up my audiobooks.  My current listen is a favorite book that I have read but never heard:  I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

2.  Lindor Truffles.  The "Spring" ones that they are selling at Costco right now.  Milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside.  The perfect melt-in-your-mouth treat when you just need three bites of something sweet.

3.  The Rosary.  I heard about The Rosary recordings of Dana and Fr. Kevin Scanlon when I read Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler.  I bought the CD last year and then never quite got around to listening.  I started a new routine a few weeks ago, where I listen to and say one of the Mysteries of the Rosary each morning after the kids leave for school as I am tidying up the house to begin my day.  Their voices are beautiful and the music paired with the prayers is perfect.  Of course I now have the CD loaded onto my little green iPod.

4.  Good Books.  Recent favorites include High Rising by Angela Thirkell and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

5.  PicMonkey.  One of my fundraiser jobs has been designing family acknowledgements for the keepsake book that goes with our special event.  PicMonkey has been a huge help to me for quickly editing photos and creating collages.  I shelled out the $33 for the upgrade from the free membership, and I feel that I've already gotten my money's worth.

6.  Playdates.  For years I mostly dreaded them, especially those at my own house and maybe because my oldest are boys close in age, which resulted in lots of within-the-family conflict wherein younger wanted to participate in older's playdate, even if he had his own friend as well, and older freaked out because younger wanted to join in.  Quite trying.  My daughter and a friend have recently traded playdates with the result being peaceful, joyful play and a chance for two moms to have a little break as well. 

So, those are things that are saving my life right now, or at least making it sweeter and more peaceful.

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What's saving your life right now?