Friday, February 9, 2024

Another Floral Foray

I've shared before that I enjoy putting together floral arrangements to gift to friends and/or to enhance special occasions.  I am a complete amateur, but I am happy to help out when centerpieces are needed.  I've taken two "floral commissions" for special events at my daughter's school.  I get reimbursed for flowers, vases, ribbon and donate my time to put everything together. 

Most recently, I made arrangements for a reception honoring our school's 2024 Distinguished Graduate Award recipient.  It was a pleasure to spend a sunny February morning listening to my audiobook while arranging flowers and tying ribbons.

I am total amateur with zero access to wholesale flowers.  I can't make any guarantees about what the arrangements will look like since I just see what is available at Sam's Club and Jewel the day I am putting them together.  This time around, the Sam's roses looked like death so I had to make do at Jewel.  I printed labels with the school logo and the award winner's name on Avery's website and just stuck them on ribbons with a blank label on the back side to keep the sticker from attaching to the vase.

I thought the bright colors were a perfect winter pick-me-up, and it made me happy to imagine the award recipient and her family members being able to bring a vase of flowers home with them.

The school colors are royal blue and white, and I was so delighted by the gingham ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby.  That is also where I found the vases, which were fifty percent off.  If not for the discount, I would have used my favorite Dollar Tree vases.

Even if it's just for your own or your own family's enjoyment, I highly recommend treating yourself to flowers (grocery store or otherwise) when you can.