2024 Fiction Log


An (*) indicates a reread.  All ebooks are purchased on sale via the Kindle Store or checked out from the e-offerings of the Elmhurst Public Library.  All audiobooks are from Audible.com or the Elmhurst Public Library's e-offerings (Hoopla, Cloud Library, and Libby Apps). 

Robyn Carr
The Friendship Club (audiobook via Hoopla)
Christine Coulson
One Woman Show (audiobook via Libby)
Kate Cotugno
Meet the Benedettos (audiobook via Audible)

Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
Rest in Pink (Liz Danger #2, ebook via CloudLibrary)
One in Vermillion (Liz Danger #3, ebook via CloudLibrary & Kindle store)
Naoise Dolan
The Happy Couple (library book)
Stephen King
Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges #1, audiobook via CloudLibrary)
Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges #2, audiobook via Libby)
End of Watch (Bill Hodges #3, audiobook via Libby) 
Portia Macintosh
Enemies to Lovers (audiobook via Hoopla)

Lynn Painter
Betting on You (audiobook via Libby)

Nita Prose
The Mystery Guest (Molly the Maid #2, ebook via Cloud Library)

Sarah Grunder Ruiz
Last Call at the Local (ebook via CloudLibrary)

Jessica Saunders
Love, Me (audiobook via Hoopla)


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