Carb Hall of Fame

If I saw a billboard for a Carb Hall of Fame, I would definitely stop at that exit.

While we wait for the tourist industry to catch up, enjoy these pics of some recent favorite snacks (for the purposes of this blog, think "carbs" as state of mind more than nutritional category).  Snack lovers, rejoice!

Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream from Sweet Mandy B's on Webster Avenue in Chicago's Lincoln Park.  Brought six home after enjoying an outdoor lunch in the neighborhood with a friend (and her beautiful infant twins).

"Playdate Cookies" from Jenny Rosenstrach's awesome cookbook, Dinner:  A Love Story.  These cookies are delicious and have the perfect texture.

Bavarian pretzel sticks enjoyed at a Toledo Mud Hens game.  Premium stadium snack.

Childhood favorite revisited.  Funnel cake at Kings Island.

Tortilla chips with Frontera guac at O'Hare.

 Esther Price Old Fashioned Chocolates from Dayton, OH.  Opera creams = heavenly.

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