Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall Haul

I've already written about my love for the library book sale room.  Most of the times I've visited this Fall, it's been slim pickings in there.  Today, we made a quick trip after school to check out Christmas in Norway for a school project, and I had a moment to stop in the room.  Jackpot.

Lisa Genova's Inside The O'Briens -- It's supposed to be heartbreaking, but I am a fan of hers after Still Alice and Left Neglected so I will probably try this one eventually.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins -- Already read and enjoyed it, but I'd love to be able to lend it to others.  I think my husband would like it.

Emma by Alexander McCall Smith -- I'm trying to keep track of these Austen titles by great contemporary writers.  I have Trollope's Sense and Sensibility and am obviously super excited for Curtis Sittenfeld's EligibleEmma is one of my least favorite Jane Austen books so we'll see what I think of its contemporary re-imagining.  I loved Clueless, of course, so there's hope.

Elin Hilderbrand's The Rumor -- Solid novel by one of my go-to authors.  Will definitely lend to friends looking for a reliable vacation read.

Judy Blume's In the Unlikely Event -- I look forward to lending this book to my mother-in-law and to owning my own copy.  Maybe I can display it next to Superfudge and Summer Sisters.

Five dollars very well spent.

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