Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hashtag First World Problems

I've mentioned already that we have some remodeling projects going on here.

Except in scenarios where I am trying to please someone else ("I don't know.  Where do you want to go to lunch?"), I am decisive enough.

In terms of fashion, I know what I like, what I feel comfortable in, and, usually, where to secure these items.

If someone invites me to an outing or party, I know more or less immediately if I feel like participating (though I may say yes to be nice or because it's the right thing to do).

In terms of decorating, I know what I like, what my husband likes, and what he will tolerate.  I'm comfortable with my not-quite-neutral proclivities.  I do a bit of looking around and then I know it when I see it ... until now.  Until now when I have become easily overwhelmed by styles and finishes of door knobs.  Until now when I am googling "name of regular white paint color that everyone uses."  Until now when I am incapacitated when it comes to choosing some tile for my foyer.

I am that person wanting to talk about tile with anyone who will listen.  Marble.  Slate.  Travertine.  Porcelain.  Versailles pattern.  Herringbone.  Bueller?  Bueller? 

Over a decade ago, my hubby and I had dinner with one of his senior colleagues (not at his current job) and his wife.  Over dinner, she bemoaned the fact that her cleaning person did not change the sheets the way she liked so that, grand sigh, she had to redo those beds after the cleaning person left.  I thought to myself, "Will this be me someday?  Dear Lord, do not let this be me.  Who gives a flip how the beds are made?  The sheets are clean." 

Dear Lord, I'm not asking for real problems, just for perspective.  Thank you for my life, exactly as it is. 

The plan for tomorrow is to pick a flipping tile and move on with my life.    



  1. So.....I have been in the process of picking a backsplash tile for two years. I have JUST this week decided on what I want. This will stick unless it takes too long to get someone in here to actually install it. They are tough decisions because they are expensive and feel permanent (though they aren't). Hang in there! Sometimes it is nice to be distracted by the first world problems when the other world problems feel too much to bear. Will I ever get to Paris, MEP?

    1. If I spent more time on Pinterest and Houzz, I would truly NEVER be able to make a decision! Probably the answer is that there are lots of things that would look just dandy and not to overthink it! You will get to Paris! For sure!!!!

  2. Decisiveness is not tops on my list of strengths. However, one thing I have learned about myself is that it's the whether or not to even attempt a project that is the hardest for me. Do we really need new carpet, curtains, cupboards, etc.?? Will it be worth the time/expense/hassle? Once I pull the trigger, I tend to go with gut instinct. Usually it works out, and I agree that overthinking it sometimes is the danger zone. The green I spent months choosing for my kitchen has NEVER been right. But in other rooms, the choices I made on the fly have held up remarkably well.

  3. I feel like I make a lot of do/not do decisions without complete information. I categorize many projects as "way too difficult for involved" and forget that in many cases, it won't be actually me doing the project but a trained professional who doesn't think changing a light fixture or painting some trim is that big of a deal.