Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Secret S'Mores

I ordered some campfire roasting forks (and these with the gingham bag) last week so that we could use them for a Cub Scout bonfire and s'mores party.  My secret hope is that our family will eventually have a fire pit of our own, around which we can use these adorable and useful sticks.  I was also thinking that campfire roasting sticks would make a cute gift for a housewarming, a family present, or a grab bag -- all packaged up with the s'more fixings.

I don't actually enjoy s'mores, but I do love a nice roasted marshmallow.  Melty on the inside and carbon crusty on the outside.  A burnt marshmallow, if you will.  This culinary delight is easy to produce if you have a roasting stick, a gas stove, and a husband who's out of town (and might give you some grief about this sort of thing were he around).  I'm not sure you could get a golden brown marshmallow with this in-house method.  Even when I thought I was giving my giant marshmallow some clearance, it was igniting.   Ignite.  Extinguish.  Rotate.  Repeat.

One bonus to charring your marshmallow at home:  you can plate it and eat it with a fork.

Do not tell my children about this menu item.

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  1. Ha! Roasted marshmallows do nothing for me, but we get our fire pit, I'd love you to gift us this set you've described. That said, we have no immediate plans for a fire pit. I'd like one, but we will likely just continue to mooch off the fire pits of friends and neighbors:). LAP