Saturday, November 7, 2015

Just popped in...

For the third consecutive November, I've spent part of a Saturday morning at a large public works facility in Batavia, IL, returning and picking up popcorn for our Cub Scout pack.  I actually enjoy the drive.  It's nice to be alone in the van (except for piles of popcorn) on a beautiful autumn morning.  When I made the trip last year, I noticed signage for the Batavia Public Library's used book sale and wished I had time to stop.

Inspiration struck as I waited to determine if there were going to be two Chocolate Lovers gift tins available for me to bring home.*  Some quick research on my trusty phone revealed that I was again in Batavia on the day of the library used book sale.  Why not?

Unless I'm mistaken, it was Mark Twain himself who welcomed me to the library.  I won't call his choice of reading material "braggy," but you know...

The Batavia Public Library is a beautiful building, right along (what I think is) the Fox River.  The book sale staff were super friendly and welcoming.  My haul was decent (seen above, minus three books I have already reconsidered and put in my giveaway pile).  I Capture the Castle is an all-time favorite, and I will probably give this extra copy to a friend.  I liked The Fault in Our Stars, but I'm not obsessed with it.  Not sure why I bought it.  I adore Ready Player One but didn't own a physical copy because I listened to the audio version.  The cookbook looks worth fifty cents!

I always look for older children's books because I love the illustrations.  I like cutting mats and framing things that are free or almost free -- book pages, greeting cards, postcards, beautiful pieces of paper.  I will probably only frame one page from each book.  Big New School reminds me of my childhood fantasy about teaching in a one-room schoolhouse like Laura Ingalls and Anne Shirley.  Rosalie the Bird Market Turtle has lively Parisian scenes on each page.  Check them all out below.

My pleasure in this outing was well worth the fifteen minutes and seven dollars spent.  Nice little Saturday morning.
 Breeze blowing through the classroom windows.  Glorious!


*Alas, very high demand for Chocolate Lovers tins so either my popcorn co-kernel or I will be driving back in two weeks.

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