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Mateo Askaripour
Black Buck (ebook via CloudLibrary)
Ashley Audrain
The Push (audiobook via CloudLibrary)
Holly Bourne
Pretending (audiobook via Hoopla)
Elizabeth Fair
A Winter Away (ebook via Kindle Store)
Rachel Hawkins
The Wife Upstairs (audiobook via Hoopla) 
Angie Hockman
Shipped (audiobook via Audible)
Lindsey Kelk
We Were On a Break (ebook via Kindle) 

Emma Lord
You Have a Match (audiobook via Hoopla)
Mhairi McFarlane
Who's That Girl? (audiobook via Audible) 
You Had Me At Hello (audiobook via Audible)
Maggie O'Farrell
Hamnet (hardcover)

Penny Reid
Kissing Tolstoy (audiobook via Audible Included)
Beauty and the Mustache (audiobook via Audible Included)

Jane L. Rosen
Eliza Starts a Rumor (audiobook via CloudLibrary)

Laura Silverman
Recommended for You (library book)
D.E. Stevenson
Smouldering Fire (audiobook via CloudLibrary)
Vittoria Cottage (Dering Family #1) (audiobook via CloudLibrary)
Music in the Hills (Dering Family #2) (audiobook via CloudLibrary)



An (*) indicates a reread.  All ebooks are purchased on sale via the Kindle Store or checked out from the e-offerings of the Elmhurst Public Library.  All audiobooks are from Audible.com or the Elmhurst Public Library's e-offerings (Hoopla, Cloud Library or Libby/Digital Library of Illinois).

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  1. Our tastes clearly overlap a lot--thanks so much for this list, which introduced me to a number of titles not on my radar. (And thanks for your kind words about Brothers at Bat, too.)