Friday, March 22, 2019

Lil Project: Stamp On It!

I've been making my own cards for years.  I find it relaxing to make them and the pleasure I derive from making the card motivates me to actually write and send the notes I've been "meaning to" send.  I don't do anything crazy or complicated.  I usually combine strips of washi tape and printed labels that say thank you, happy birthday, with sympathy, etc.

A recent twist is that I have busted out some rubber stamps I've had for years (and a few new ones that called out to me from the Michael's dollar bins).

Here are some recent creations.

The beautiful colored notecards are from Hobby Lobby.  Blank inside.  Lots of great colors made them easy to enhance with washi tape.

Disclaimer that I try to include with every Lil Project post:  I'm not telling you to make your own cards, just sharing here because it's a lil project that gives me pleasure.  If crafting is not your thing and you'd rather poke your eyes out than make your own cards, that is a-okay. 

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